Kohl's Cares - Help OIS Win $500,000!

I love Kohl's. Shopping there is fun and the time, effort and funds they spend giving back to the community are even better. They currently have a program called Kohl's Cares. They're using the month of August to tally votes on Facebook for schools entering the race to win $500,000!!! Here's what you need to know:

*$500,000 will be donated to 20 eligible schools nationwide, for a total of $10 million. Donations are made possible by the Kohl's Cares cause merchandise program.

*You, your school and your community can go to www.facebook.com/kohls to vote and submit program funding ideas.

*The 20 schools that get the most votes and meet eligibility criteria will receive half a million dollars each!!

That's amazing!! The good news is, you can vote for your school up to five times AND you have 20 votes - which means you can vote for 4 different schools - or more schools if you want to spread the love. This is GREAT for people like me who work at one school and have a child at another - I was able to vote for both schools, be fair and not feel guilty - because it only allowed me 5 votes for each. PLEASE - we would love for you to cast your five votes for Odenville Intermediate School. There are things we, our students and community, are in need of desperately...a play ground, cafeteria, music program, art supplies, and of course...materials for our library and classrooms. Won't you do your part and vote today?

Just go here to vote. The children of Odenville THANK YOU! Spread the word!

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