Student Book Review: Addy Walker

The following is a book review written by OIS student, Taylor A. Taylor is a big fan of American Girl books. She recently wrote a review on one of her favorite books, Addy Walker. Thank you, Taylor, for spreading the love of reading!! If you're looking for something new to read and you've never read an American Girl book, this might be the series for you!! Check out Taylor's review below:

The past couple of weeks I've been reading American Girl books. My favorite series is about a girl named Addy Walker. Addy had a rough life. She was colored so her whole family was sold as slaves. They worked hard and dreamed of freedom. Her dad and brother were sold and her mother and Esther stayed. Her mother decided she and Addy were going to get to freedom. Esther was too young to go so they left her. To find out the rest of the story, check out "American Girl: Addy Walker" in the library.

Thanks so much, Taylor! Great job!!

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