Welcome Back to School OIS!

Welcome back! I am convinced this is going to be the BEST school year ever! I am so excited to announce our first library event, a back-to-school Reading Pep Rally by author, illustrator, musician...Chris Rumble! We are so excited to have Chris visit our school this Friday, August 19th.

Students, teachers, parents...you may purchase books from Chris for $6 each. This includes an autograph and personal note of encouragement. Be sure to send your money Thursday or Friday of this week.

Here's a special note from Mr. Chris Rumble:

Dear Parents,

My name is Chris Rumble. I am so looking forward to my Author Visit with the great kids at Odenville Intermediate on August 19, 2011.

I believe I was put on this planet to encourage the next generation to realize their greatness. Reading is a big part of that equation.

During our event, I will give all that is in me to get the kids fired up about diving into great books in order to feed their minds and broaden their horizons!

You can help by getting your child excited about our event. Letting them know what a GREAT DAY it is going to be and that we are going to have a lot of fun with music and illustrating and audience participation!

Also, let me encourage you to use this event as a reason to experience great books together with your child. Please see my “Seven Great Reasons to Read to Your Child” included in the post-script.

The day of our event, they will be especially motivated to explore the books that I have written and illustrated: The Adventures of Uncle Stinky! (Random House) Kids love these books highly illustrated chapter books.

At $6, my books are relatively inexpensive. If the school is doing a book sale, the books can be purchased there. I autograph every book and include a personal note of encouragement to each child. If the school is not having a book sale, you can obtain the books at my web site at chrisrumble.com.

Thanks for investing in your child by getting them excited about our event!

I can’t wait to see the great kids at your school face-to-face!

We are going to have a BLAST…and inspire your child at the same time!

For the kids,

Chris Rumble

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